uh somehow i've rekindled my harry potter obsession (particularly focused on the marauders and wolfstar kill my ass) so like... sorry?
reading: weetzie bat by francesca lia block

my mother’s friend is a professional astrologist and she made me a star chart for my birthday (it’s basically a map of what the sky looked like at the exact moment of my birth) and it’s so wild (she sent a CD along with it that’s explaining what it all means)

like she’s talking about how cancers are usually homebodies and dislike change and travel but cos of my planets i like to travel and be expansive and i’m like #tru!!! she’s talking about how i feel very strongly about oppression and humanitarian issues and how i’ve always found it easier to interact with people who are older than me…. like idc if it’s all fake i love it cos it’s so me

also she’s talking about how this year i should befriend people who are optimistic, have a good sense of humor, and are explorers of some sort i’m eating this shit up

I went to a party tonight and a girl said to me “I love all your tweets about bob’s burgers” ….my web presence is growing stronger

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LUV when my anxiety gets so bad i’m literally trembling & i have no idea what triggered it…! my hands won’t stop shaking and i’m having trouble breathing…luv it…

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fitzgeraldism tagged me (thank u!) and champagneyr tagged me in another thing (thxxxxx tess) so i’m doin both here ok n my hand is cramping from writing my apush shit so here we gooo

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