currently watching: breaking bad (s3)

currently reading for school: crime & punishment by fyodor dostoyevsky

currently reading for fun: kafka on the shore by haruki murakami

holy shit I’m in the Austin airport in Texas & as I was walking out of the bathroom a woman walked past me & i whispered to my mom “that lady’s a dead ringer for Carrie Brownstein”
so of course I creepily hung around around the bathroom entrance until she cam back out & when she did I blurted “HI” at her and she was like “hi!” and it was definitely her oh god I just said hi to Carrie Brownstein

what are you in therapy for?

for the betterment of my mental state i guess? i started going in the seventh grade when i was diagnosed with depression & anxiety so it’s for that


kathy’s song — simon & garfunkel

you’re not — wet wings

let’s save tony orlando’s house — yo la tengo

alison — slowdive

gabrielle :)

going to georgia — the mountain goats

afternoon — youth lagoon

baby i got the death rattle — los campesinos!

radio cure — wilco

i’ll be your mirror — the velvet underground

eleventeen — kimya dawson

lost in the supermarket — the clash

living out your dreams backwards — the vaccines

el asombroso misterio de la no materia — banda de turistas