currently watching: breaking bad (s3)

currently reading for school: crime & punishment by fyodor dostoyevsky

currently reading for fun: kafka on the shore by haruki murakami


ever since I came out as queer I’ve felt sooo much better about myself. for so many years I had suppressed any romantic/sexual thoughts I had towards anyone who wasn’t a cis male even though those thoughts were very much there… I’d developed a weird kind of self-loathing that just got worse the more I found myself attracted to girls… but somehow over the past year I was able to train myself out of thinking that way and finally “admitting” to myself (as if it were some terrible thing which it most certainly is NOT) that I’m queer made me feel a lot better… but actually saying it out loud to people, to my classmates, to my friends, to my mother, was like the final step to accepting my sexuality and being confident about it… I’m just so grateful that I live in a community where it was easy/safe for me to come out


im sorry but idk why so many of you guys put any faith in these grimy garage band dudes anyways? they all seem fishy and they keep proving how gross they are what do you expect for greasy punk dudes???? go listen to drake

i love going to austin but i hate having to stay with my aunt and uncle….theoretically they are cool chill hip people because they travel a lot & do yoga & eat organic food but in reality they’re both really grouchy & they always say weird lowkey racist things (my aunt went off on a rant the other day about how it really IRKED her that while she was a teacher in a bilingual texan school the kids would say the pledge of allegiance in english & spanish & when i tried to tell her that there’s no official “american” language/the pledge of allegiance is about pride for the country not the english language she got really nasty towards me)

so yeah it really sucks that i have to spend all that time with them but at the same time i’m very grateful that i get to go to texas so often lol idk