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ahh today was such a nice day

  • i got my costumes approved by the costume girls for the musical which was stressing me out so much and now i can finally focus on actually rehearsing the songs and such
  • also all of the really cute seniors were there and i managed to sort of interact with them without panicking
  • AND THEN it was the rookie meetup!!! oh my gosh it was so much fun. i was actually sort of nervous that it would be awkward and weird BUT IT TOTALLY WASN’T. i stayed by the flower crown table for most of it and it was so much fun being able to talk with all these really fantastic and beautiful and intelligent ladies ahhh i’m so glad i was able to come. all of you guys were so great to talk to! <333
  • and then i went to roller derby!!! i’d never been before but i had a great time. my friends knew a couple of the girls on the team we were rooting for (the wicked pissahs fyi) and now my throat is sore from cheering so loudly but it was so fun

and tonight is SNL and tomorrow i can sleep in so yeah you could say it’s been a good day :)

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